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Our Linking Policy

Before you add your link to our link section, please make sure your site meets our linking policy below.

Our site links primarily for traffic, we do not link only for rankings. We understand that all visitors leave our site at some point, and we choose to send them to quality link partners as well as back to the search engines.

If you want to know why we adopted this policy, it is because it brings us a consistent supply of free traffic, whether our site is at the top of the search engines or not.

We advertise ALL our link partners clearly, visibly and in an organized way. This is how we will advertise your site, all we ask is the same amount of exposure in return.

Our link section is featured on every page of our site from the main navigation menu. Your link section must be advertised either from the navigation menu or clearly on your pages. Sorry we do not exchange links with sites who only feature their reciprocal links page from a tiny text link at the bottom of their pages. That wouldn't be a fair link exchange.

We advertise our link section with the word "Links" so ALL surfers know our links are available. We will not exchange links with sites who hide their link section behind the words "Resources" , "Partners", "Link To Us" or anything similar. The link to your link section should say "Links" "Web Links" or something equally as clear.

Our link section is a highly categorized directory. We make it easy for our leaving visitors to find your site. We expect the same or similar in return. Sorry we do not exchange links with unorganized or uncategorized link sections.

Your site should have no more than one pop up window.

We link to sites of all genres, not just our own. We understand that for a link section to be of real use for a visitor it should bear links of more than one type.

We do not link with sites that feature Warez, Hacking, Cracking, Pornography, Hatred, Racism or any illegal content.

Our site may link to sites with mild Adult content. We reserve the right to use our discretion.

We regularly send our leaving visitors to our link partners. All we are looking for is the chance of the same in return.

We will never remove your link as long as our link is active on your site. If we ever move your link we will inform you by email. We check all partners websites regularly for our link. Cheaters need not apply.

We class ourselves as quality link partners and are looking to cultivate real and fair linking relationships.

If you agree to this linking policy, we would love to include you on our pages - Please click here (coming soon)

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