Italian Comfort Fashion Protection

Types of Lenses

Color Lens Guidelines:

Amber, Yellow or Orange Lenses:
These lenses allow some light to pass through the
lens making them a better choice for overcast
skies, but hard to recommend for use in
bright sunny days. Yellow lenses afford excellent
visibility in nighttime applications

Blue or Purple Lenses:
Great all purpose lenses, their mellow light
tint is wonderful and soothing. Also, they afford
good protection in sunny days (although not like a dark lens)
yet will also carry over into darker conditions.

Brown & Copper Lenses:
These lenses increase contrast between colors and are
the preferred tint for driving. This contrast also cuts
glare and sharpens imagery.

Gray, Smoke or Green Lenses:
These lenses are the most popular because while they cut bight
light they also help to keep colors looking natural.

Rose or Vermilion:
These popular lenses provide enhanced contrast and definition
in high glare situations such as seen in water and snow sports.

Near Black Lenses:
Great protection for very light sensitive eyes and super
sunny summer days.

Red Lenses:
These babies are out of this world and will put you on Mars ;)
Not good for driving though, as you cannot see the traffic light
change to red very well!!!

Flash- Mirrored Lenses:
Regardless of their inherent colored tint, they give the wearer
private eyes, (people cannot see what your looking at) and help
to reflect oncoming glare.

Polarized Lenses:
Popular amongst fisherman, Polarized Lenses have the unique
ability to cut glare resulting from light reflecting on water.
This allows the wearer to look past such glare and see whats
swimming in the puddle, something which would cause the
naked eye to squint and still see very little. Put on some
of these lenses if you want to spot the proverbial fish.

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