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How To Fit Sunglasses

When you look at sunglass frames, you will notice some numbers printed on the inside of the frames. These numbers can tell you a lot about fit.

  • The first number you see is the manufacturers' model number. 
  • Then you will see the number that indicates the color.
  • The next number is the "eye size" which will tell you the width of the actual lens. 
  •  Next is the bridge size, which will tell you the width of the bridge that sits across your nose. Sometimes this number is located on the bridge piece itself.
  • Finally you'll see the temple length, which will tell you the length of the arm from front to back edge.

    These numbers can help you find the proper fit for your sunglasses, so make a note of the numbers on a pair of sunglasses that fit you very well, and then shop with those numbers in mind.

Sunglass Care:

It is preferable to clean your sunglasses with a mild soap. However, if you would like to use a specific glass cleaner it is imperative to use one that does not contain ammonia, as this will strip the UV-400 coating right off of the lens. When in doubt, do not use Windex as this contains ammonia, but DO use Glass Plus as it is ammonia free. Dry sunglasses with a soft cloth or chamois and store sunglasses in a protective case to prevent scratches. To maintain proper fit, tighten sunglass frames with an appropriate screwdriver or bring them to an optical store.

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